We advocate for greater access to government information under the Freedom of Information Act. -FOIA

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Freedom of Information Advocates Initiative (FOIA) was founded by lawyers, journalists and civil rights activists. The mission of FOIA is simply to contribute to the promotion of transparency and openness in government including a credible democratic process. Eradication of corruption and ensure that government is accountable to the governed. We aim to achieve our aims by focusing on the following:


To sustain, promote and support Freedom of Information actions in Courts.


To organise, arrange and participate in conferences, trainings, seminars and workshops related to Freedom of Information.


To advocate for the domestication of the Freedom of Information Act all over the world.

Our membership is free and open to all irrespective of race, sex or religious belief.



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We believe that our shared common values would increase the awareness and interest of the populace in how their commonwealth is expended with the ultimate aim of eliminating corruption and inefficiency in government at all levels and stimulate inclusive participation of all CITIZENS in the business of governance.


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